Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Canning Wines and How You Do It Right: Backpack Wines

I have written a story or two about wine in cans and what a convenient, practical format it is, even the relatively low barriers to entry to the sector. Beyond that, what interests me the most is winemakers or wine companies that seem to understand the format, that are forwarding a product that seems to make sense in context, and which can be accomplished in accordance with limiting price points.

Subtract all pretense, all wanna-be complexity, all expense, and you have Backpack fizzy white, an 11.5%, relatively low alcohol white wine that has racy acidity and no oak.
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It's brilliant. It manages to fit all of the best qualities of the world's best wine values into a compact can. This is an incredibly refreshing wine, spritzy and high in acid, low in alcohol, and it's hard to put down.

It's one of the most drinkable white wines I've had so far this year. It's not much unlike a Portuguese Vinho Verde, but maybe has a bit more body. Or maybe a little like a Cotes de Gascogne with a little spritz.

As a wine critic, I really want to understand how you can accomplish this with Central Valley fruit (I make this assumption because of the Modesto headquarters of the company).

I don't think the rose is as interesting, but it is equally refreshing, simple and straightforward, and also has a light spritz. If you are shopping for wine in a can, keep an eye out for Backpack. The white is killer and the rose will not disappoint.

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