Monday, October 15, 2012

Dreaming Tree Cabernet from Dave Matthews and Steve Reeder

Well, I've finally gotten around to trying the 2009 Dreaming Tree Cabernet, the flagship red from this collaboration between Dave Matthews and Simi winemaker Steve Reeder. I'm sure Matthews had little to do with this project aside from lending his name and willingness to encourage his eight-piece rhythm section to swig bottles onstage. The good news is that Reeder is a very accomplished winemaker, so he's able to effectively cobble together some perfectly drinkable blends for this value-priced line. These are hard-workin' $10 wines that are soft, fairly generic and relaxing, much like Dave Matthews' music. Kick off those Birkenstocks, unleash your ponytail, and imagine you're on an airplane, about to have the best glass of wine you've ever had in the coach section.

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