Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Tongue Dancer: Pinot de Ville Review

Tongue Dancer Pinot de Ville 2014 Putnam Vineyard Pinot Noir Sonoma County ($XX) Pinot de Ville is a new project from winemaker James MacPhail (of the eponymous MacPhail brand), whom I hold in very high regard. MacPhail's wines do lean toward a ripe, bold style of Pinot Noir but they tend to be tidy and complex. This one very much follows suit, with coriander spice and red fruit on the nose and very ripe red currant, raspberry and brown sugar flavors and a spicy finish. It's fairly high in alcohol at around 14.5%, but if you drink it at cellar temperature, it carries it reasonably well. I can't say I care for the 'Tongue Dancer' brand name, but the label is pretty sleek and a few friends remarked that they liked it before the wine was opened. (92 Points)

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