Thursday, January 3, 2013

Brandborg 2012 Nouveau Pinot Noir

What a great dinner tonight. A couple of weeks ago, Terry Brandborg from Brandborg Winery and Vineyard in the Umpqua Valley of Central/Southern Oregon sent me a bottle of his 'nouveau' Pinot Noir (Elkton-Villages). I was excited to try it, and after the Xmas break, finally had a chance to uncork it. Elise and I grilled some spicy Walkerswood jerk chicken, to which Elise brilliantly added a yogurt tzatziki sauce, which a little MN wild rice on the side. What a great, fruity young Pinot. I'd happily take it over an overly carbon-dioxide infused Nouveau Beaujolais Villages. I'm not sure what it would retail for if you could find it (they only made 40 cases), but I'm guessing it would be under $20. It was juicy, with fresh red fruit, just a hint of raisin and a touch of cinnamon spice. Pretty hard to put down, to tell you the truth...

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