Friday, August 14, 2009

Closer to God: Lhasa Beer

If you're looking for the ideal brew for your post-Bikram yoga pub session, here comes Lhasa, the only Tibetan export beer. It was re-formulated specifically for export by master brewer, Alan Kornhauser and is made from barley (30% huskless Tibetan barley), Saaz hops and Himalayan spring water.

It makes its debut in Texas, where it is imported by Dzambuling Imports. According to Dzambuling president, George Witz, Lhasa will donate 10 percent of its annual profits to non-profit groups supporting education, health care, cultural preservation and other socially responsible initiatives in Tibet.

“From the roof of the world to US bars, restaurants and American dining room tables, we will bring American beer aficionados a tasty lager that they can not only enjoy, but also feel really good about buying because they are making a socially responsible purchase to help others less fortunate,” said George Witz.

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